Replacing some of your daily food intake with beverages doesn’t mean you’ll be going hungry in fact the great thing about this handy trick is that you’ll feel full faster whilst cutting down the number of calories you’re taking on board there are a number of great recipes out there for natural drinks you shouldn’t miss if you want to lose weight and benefit from their many properties what’s more you’ll notice results in terms of your weight very quickly by consuming less fat you’ll be able to ensure that your weight decreases gradually in a healthy way another advantage is that since you know exactly what’s going into your juice or smoothie you can have greater control

over the amount of calories, you’re eating very often when we’re on a diet we end up drinking certain juices that actually contain high levels of sugar which is far from being a healthy option plus we often think that simply not eating or skipping meals is the easiest way to lose weight thus we don’t pay attention to the negative impact this can have on our bodies with recipes like the ones we’ll show you today though you’ll be able to prepare juices soft drinks and smoothies using some of your favorite ingredients

Four Drinks You Shouldn’t Miss If You’re Looking to Lose Weight

Apart from being delicious and healthy they also help to stimulate your metabolism this allows you to get more energy and satisfy your calorie needs while preventing you from feeling hungry again in a short amount of time when you’re looking to incorporate drinks into a weight loss regime you should bear in mind the following points they must contain fewer than 200 calories you should drink between two hundred milliliters roughly one glass and 750 milliliters three glasses the ingredients should be low in sugar and high in fiber and protein it’s advised

That you choose drinks that have a thick texture this is because if you avoid diluting the beverage with too much water you’ll be able to feel fuller for longer as well as all the other benefits these recipes are easy and quick to prepare and use cheap ingredients that are readily available in most stores bear in mind that it’s important to drink these by themselves without eating any other foods straight before or after to boost your weight loss one green juice to start your day it’s important to start the day with plenty of energy

this drink helps you get on with everything you need to do in your day without falling into fatigue ingredients for a glass and a half 300 milliliters 1/2 cup of water 125 milliliters 5 tablespoons of lemon or orange juice 50 milliliters 1/2 cup of fresh cucumber 100 grams half a green apple 2 cups of spinach 50 grams 1 tablespoon of parsley 10 grams how to prepare wash all the ingredients

then peel the cucumber and Apple cut all the ingredients into small pieces pour half a cup of water and the lemon or orange juice in the blender add the cut cucumber and apple along with the spinach and parsley process all the ingredients until smooth if it’s a little too thick for your liking add a little more water to lemon and ginger juice this is a refreshing drink that’s ideal for hot days or as a treat after exercise the carrot and apple boosts the fiber and protein content while ginger is great at stimulating your metabolism ingredients for a glass 200 milliliters 2 cups of grated carrot 230 grams 1 apple 1/2 TSP of ginger 2 grams 1/2 cup of aerated or mineral water 125 milliliters 5 tablespoons of lemon juice 50 milliliters two ice cubes 1 tablespoon of honey 25 grams

How to prepare wash peel

chop the carrot apple and ginger put the mineral water into your blender along with the rest of the ingredients and mix if you wish you can also add a spoonful of honey to sweeten your drink and provide more energy 3 oatmeal smoothie with fruits oats are one of the most highly recommended cereals out there because of their high protein and they’re particularly good for people who are suffering from gastritis or constipation this recipe which combines the powerful properties of oats with delicious fresh fruits gives you a delicious cocktail that will nourish you and keep you feeling satisfied and full for hours’ ingredients for a glass and a half 300 milliliters 2 cups of oats 100 grams 2 cups of water 500 milliliters 1 cup of fresh strawberries 150 grams 1 apple 1/2 glass of almond milk 100 grams 2 bananas 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 5 grams

How to prepare cook the oats on a low?

Heat together with the water for 10 minutes when they’re ready allow to cool and pass through a sieve to remove the excess water you can also save this water and have it later as a refreshing and nutritious drink put the oats and strawberries into the blender and mix then cut the apple into small pieces and add to the blender along with the almond milk finally add the sliced bananas the final step is to sprinkle cinnamon over the mixture for avocado smoothie avocados have high levels of the healthy fats that are essential for our bodies and can help to boost our metabolism as if that wasn’t enough they also help in the fight against cholesterol

ingredients for three servings a day one medium avocado one cup of fresh strawberries 150 milliliters three cups of skim milk 750 milliliters one banana one tablespoon of sugar ten grams how to prepare cut the avocado in half and scrape hug the fruit wash the strawberries and cut them in two add both ingredients to the blender and process them finally add the milk and banana and beat again until you get a creamy consistency see.

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