I’m gonna take some Portobello mushrooms slice ’em up, cover them in some crispy stuff bake ’em in the oven and then whip together a quick little creamy sour cream sauce to dip ’em into so it’s like French fries but they’re healthy.

We’re gonna start out slicing some Portobello’s You want to cut ’em, I would guess about a quarter of an inch thick That seems about right and I don’t know, I imagine you could do the same thing with regular button mushrooms and cut ’em into quarters.

Baked Portobello Mushroom Fries

I think that would be totally fine if you can’t find Portobello’s or if they’re too ridiculously expensive at the time. But one thing I love about Portobello mushrooms is that you could do this Look, it’s a mustache.

Okay That was stupid So I’m gonna lay them out and this step is optional, but it does make your Portobello fries way, way, way, way better than if you skip it Basically gonna spread them out in a single layer and it doesn’t take that much more time.

I think it’s totally worth it and sprinkle ’em evenly with some salt Just a little Just a little sprinkling. Cover that with a clean towel I use a little dish towel here but paper towel works, too And then, put some weight on it And this is just gonna draw out the water.

Baked Portobello Mushroom Fries

If you skip this step it still will work, but your Portobello fries end up a little bit kind of spongy and if you do this little step then they end up more like chewy and meaty One of my friends who taste-tested this recipe said it reminded her of a chicken nugget.

So that’s cool Alright, I’m just gonna let this sit here for about five minutes or so and then we’ll come back and bread them I used my molcajete to put a little bit more pressure on my Portobello slices.

Let’s see what we have So you can tell some moisture’s pulled out You can see, shwoo Yay Okay, great So now, I’m just gonna do a little bit of flour I’m just gonna do it right on the board.

Just a very, very light coating on both sides of our mushroom strips and then I’ve got an egg here.

(beating and whisking eggs)

And I’ve got Panko and Parmesan So I’m gonna mix these together and you can use regular bread crumbs, too but I like the Panko better for this in particular It makes ’em crunchier and the Panko somehow it doesn’t, it’s not as easy to burn as regular bread crumbs.

We got the seasoning covered So then we’re just doing this Just a little egg A little crumbs and then onto the baking sheet in a single layer I’m using parchment, but if you don’t have parchment you can just oil your pan Once they’re all coated, we’re gonna put ’em in a 425-degree oven for just about 15 minutes It doesn’t take very long.

While they’re cooking, I’m gonna show you how to make the sour cream dip For the dip, I’m using some full fat sour cream I’m gonna use a garlic press I’ve never used this to squeeze in a clove of garlic just ’cause I wanna make sure it’s like so, so, so tiny.

It should just sort of disintegrate into the dip and some fresh rosemary Thyme is also really good I think mushrooms just work really well with those really, I like sort of dark and earthy herbs A little lemon juice.


And good-ly amount of salt and pepper I just wanna taste it Add a little bit more salt.

Okay, I’m just gonna let this sit at room temperature while the Portobello fries’ bakes to let all those flavors mix together but if you wanted to make it a couple days ahead of time and store it in the fridge it just kind of gets better the longer it sits, I think So BRB with some Portobello fries.

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