How to cook rice 

I know it’s super simple but this is actually a question I get from a lot of people so I just wanted to make a quick Articles talk a little bit about different types of rice and then show you how to cook rice on the stove without a rice cooker it’s really not very hard once you just know a couple of things there’s three basic categories of rice short grain medium grain and long grain which is also a glutinous rice but I think that actually counts as short grain examples of short grain rice are sushi rice so this one here you can see

How short and fat and kind of plump

Those grains are and they’re a little bit translucent and then next to it we’ve got some Arborio rice and that’s what you would use if you were gonna make risotto they’re the same size as the sushi rice grains but they’re much more opaque good they have a higher starch content and that’s why when you make the risotto that starch releases and it makes a nice creamy sauce and then here we’ve got a long grain brown rice you can really get any kind of rice short medium or long in brown rice form it just means it’s just got the husk

still on it so it’s got a little bit more fiber some people think it might be harder to digest but but I like it it’s got a good flavor it takes longer to cook than white rice you can get short grain like sushi rice brown rice too and then what we’re actually gonna learn how to cook today is long grain a white rice so this is just a really sort of generic long grain rice you can get specialty varieties of long grain like jasmine basmati Tex Mati is a basmati rice

How to Cook Rice

that’s grown in Texas and those are a lot more fragrant there’s a popcorn rice that’s from Louisiana they have a nice sort of floral flavor to them or or nutty but for like most American food that you want to serve rice with like if you’re making meatballs with gravy you want to put it over rice or something

you just want long grain white rice and then bonus since I’m gonna probably get this question this is an example of wild rice so wild rice actually is not a rice it is a grass seed but it’s cooked like rice and it has a similar texture and flavor to Brown rice once it’s cooked we’ll get to.

That in another Articles so how to cook rice you want to combine it in a pot the ratio would be one cup of white rice to two cups of water you can season it with a little bit of salt some butter some olive oil you can also add spices like cardamom or bay leaves or cinnamon if you want to like infuse the rice with a little bit more flavor so you combine the rice in the water in the pot cover it you put the heat on high and you bring it to a boil now if you are using a gas stove you can do it just like I’m telling you now if you’re using an electric stove what I recommend is turn it to high but then also have another eye that’s preheating on the lowest setting so that when it’s time to transfer it you can just move it

Right to the low setting rather than waiting for the eye to cool down so once it comes to a boil you want to turn the heat down to low you want to simmer it for 15 minutes don’t stir it don’t take the lid off once it’s cooked for 15 minutes a glass lid is really helpful.

because you can see there’s little holes in the rice and where the steam has has sort of come up and made little tunnels once the rice is cooked and it looks like that you want to just leave it off the heat for 10 minutes by then your rice should be nice and cooked and you can fluff it with a fork Fork is preferable because a spoon can kind of break the rice up too much and give you gummy rice gummy rice that’s delicious not early okay it’s left it’s ready to eat.

check it out so it’s tender all the way through there’s not any crunchy bits it’s not burned on the bottom if you have a problem with rice sticking to the bottom or burning or scorching make sure that the pot that you’re cooking it in has a nice thick bottom you don’t want to use any kind of crappy aluminum pots and then also remember the trick I told you if you’re using

during stove to transfer it to another low heat burner so that you’re not boiling it for longer than you should if your rice ends up crunchy then you probably not using enough water or not cooking long enough and if it ends up the most she then you’re probably using a little bit too much water or boiling.

it too long so if you like these tips this is the kind of stuff that you find useful I have written a cookbook called learning to cook and it’s got everything the beginner cook needs to know it’s perfect for teenagers and young adults and even old adults who need some tips and for some other Articles on how to cook rice I did risotto for a basic risotto recipe using Arborio rice and also sushi rolls where I tell you how to cook sushi rice

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