Make a Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe if you don’t know what that is it is like kind of like a big popover that’s cooked in a skillet in the oven it’s sweet you serve it for breakfast you could put fruit on top of it and it’s so delicious its crispy and chewy and it makes you sing Dutch baby pancake Dutch baby pancake baby Dutch baby pancake it’s like something out weird Andy Warhol painting inside my head the big trick of Rudi the big trick or ski the big trick to making a successful Dutch baby pancake is having your eggs and your milk at room temperature so that means get them out like an hour before you want to make this and crack them I mean don’t crack them just get them out

Make a Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

and let them sit outside on the counter like I have here if you don’t have that much time you can maybe put them in a window or something just to speed up the process that’s gonna because the only leavening in this is the eggs the eggs are what makes it puff up like a popover so cold eggs don’t do that as well basically that’s the science behind it and whisk the eggs and milk together until it’s uniform that’s another thing you could do this in the blender that’s actually probably a better way to do it than this but I just kind of find the

sound of blenders annoying so I tend to not use it unless necessary for margaritas should make a Dutch baby margarita pancake I’m just like pour a bunch of tequila in this order what would happen add some salt who needs to measure and a little bit of lemon zest this is optional I like it.

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

some people use grated nutmeg some people use vanilla extract I like the lemon itself but some people don’t like lemons then we’re gonna whisk in half a cup of all-purpose flour this is not self-rising flour this is just a regular old all-purpose flour like we use in America not that didn’t I wasn’t trying to sound racist or anything but Americans didn’t use all-purpose flour

well I find that people in the UK and Australia usually use self-rising flour or they use it a lot anyway I don’t think people in America use it very much in the u’s of America I should specify so you want to get this pretty free of lumps okay so this looks quite smooth and then meanwhile back at the ranch I’ve got my cast iron skillet behind me with some butter in it and it’s been warming up and melting the butter so you just grab that make sure you swirl the pan do a hula dance with your cast iron pan and with your cast iron pants that would be some really good exercise hula dancing and cast iron pants swirl it.

Around to get the bottom and the sides all coated dump your Dutch baby batter onto your dog’s head go ahead get it all in there and then we’re gonna bake this at 425 degrees for 20 minutes don’t open the oven hopefully you have an oven light that works you can check on it if you wanted to talking too much but if you wanted to add some banjo if you wanted to add some sliced fruit on top of this that’s really yummy berries stuff like that that’s what these are indicating but I’m not going to do that 20 minutes later are you as impressed as I am look at this it’s like a crater on the moon with butter in it this recipe and all my recipes are always at cooking calm

I I’m gonna just I’m just gonna tear a chunk off I think that’s probably the easiest way to do it rather than slice again this is honestly and all the times I’ve made this before it’s never puffed up quite so big so way to go me maybe it was better at putting the room-temperature eggs but that was it and squeeze a little bit of lemon juice

if you like people serve it with Jam a little powdered sugar looks how smart this is put it in a little tea ball and

then you can just dangle it just dangle it just like that it’s all eggy and this is delicious it’s so easy so how easy it was I hope that you try this if you do it

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