Make a Healthy Spinach Artichoke Dip spinach artichoke dip now you know there are loads of in shops decided that usually so what I like to do is make a lighter version of a naughty food made night I love calling this hot stuff spinach artichoke dip first thing you’re gonna do is get a sauté and go ahead that up and of course.

Make a Healthy Spinach Artichoke Dip

we’re gonna get our olive oil in here maybe in a bottle a tablespoon or two will do and then we ran our onions so I’ve got one small yellow onion chopped we’re gonna start sautéing that off my garlic too so the next thing I’m gonna do is grab my spinach so I’m gonna put the Sun in and let it wilt down

let’s see that cook down for just a bit see the water content already cooked down that’s the aromatic essence of onions and garlic and spinach all wilted down the other component to this dish obviously is gonna be artichokes you want to get them full or quartered and then just toss them on it so here comes the nice now is the naughty cream cheese mayonnaise go ahead and use white cream cheese and then the next thing that I love is like

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Mayonnaise that we’re gonna add in so here’s the Parmesan cheese about a quarter of a cup now this mix is cooked down slightly I’m gonna turn the heat off and I’m gonna marry the two so naughty meat nice and then we’re gonna fold this all in together to make one batch of better so a little bit of pepper here’s how to stretch some party platters instead of putting out one motherlode why not put out of being small baby loads.

so what I devised was cute little ramekins for my spinach artichoke dip so we’re gonna fill these up to the brim and a little bit of parm cheese goes a long way remember it’s robust in flavor so you only need a little bit all right so now that these are all in here bringing up two things into an oven at 375 degrees so that it’s ready so the best way to plate these up is with their companion crostini now all this is a loaf of bread that’s about a buck twenty-nine you slice them on the bias put some olive oil on it and garlic toast my Bini ovens salt and you got yourself a gorgeous gourmet treat this is party planning we go but back

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