How to make a trifle a trifle is like a cake and custard and a fruit dessert it’s super simple to put together I think that’s why it’s called a trifle and my grandma really loved to make these and I haven’t had one in probably like 20 years so we’re really excited to make it for you the way my groom used to make it for me.

okay so this is basically just a really simple assembly I’m going to use some store-bought pound cake ladyfingers are traditionally used but my grandma always used pound cake for some reason you could use a sponge cake or something like that one thing about my grandma is that she loved to eat but she hated to cook so shortcuts were welcome in her kitchen so you just want to get this in here and cut it up as you need to to make sure that the whole bottom of your thing is covered.

Make a Trifle

I’m using a little straight sided glass dish here so that you could see all the layers and then we’re gonna sprinkle this with a little bit of alcohol not rubbing alcohol I’m using cream sherry this was her favorite brand Harvey’s Bristol cream sherry and just smelling this totally reminds me of her house um not that she was an alcoholic but she liked her sherry

so I’m just gonna sprinkle the pound cake with a little bit maybe a tablespoon or something of this sherry and if you wanted to make it non-alcoholic this isn’t working at all you could just do some juice or some coffee and then it would sort of almost be a little bit

you want to see how to make pudding it’s not hard so I just want to make sure everything’s covered then I’ve got some raspberry preserves and you could really use any kind of fruit Reserve that you want but I think berries are particularly good so strawberry blueberry but I’m gonna go for raspberry here just put a little bit of that down and then some fresh raspberries and just gonna use my hands and get dirty in there and kind of tear them up a little bit cuz these are enormous these are like totally some genetically modified raspberries probably but whatever this is America I’m pretty sure that trifles are also eaten in Australia and other places.

Make a Trifle

where England has had a big influence then we can top it with another layer of cake a little more alcohol whoa that was kind of a lot how fun oops no I’m kind of doing it on purpose okay then a little bit more custard and then once you’ve got all your layers you can do two to three layers depending on how much you’re making and how big your container is we’re gonna spread the whole top of it with some whipped cream and you can probably guess that my grandma used to use Cool Whip but this is just some heavy cream that I’ve whipped to soft peaks you can take it all the way to the edges or you can leave a little bit of the fruit showing which I think what is what I’m gonna do because I think it looks really pretty to see all the other colors in there

okay and then you just top it off with some almonds so just decorate it with a little almonds and if you like more almonds you can put almonds on the inside layers too but grandma always just put them on top probably cuz they’re kind of expensive okay there we go there is a beautiful easy trifle little dessert so you can put it in the fridge and let it sit there for a few hours and that cake will just continue to absorb the booze and all the flavors.

will get together or you can eat not the whole thing cuz come on let’s be realistic it a little bit I’m just gonna have a little bit and this is why I straight sided thing helps not only because it looks prettier but just makes it a little easier to serve look how pretty that is that’s just lovely guys yay delicious I can’t wait to eat this hmm yeah okay

oh yeah it’s so good all right well there you go there’s how to make a trifle for your English Christmas celebration super easy or you could just make it any old time like my grandma used to do she would make it pretty much

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