Make Banana Bread Recipe Now bananas are great because they’re cheap and they’re healthy and they’re high in potassium and if you’re really in a bind you can use them as a phone 911 what’s your emergency I need help I have a bunch of bananas that are way too direct it and they look kind of disgusting oh my god this is not even an emergency make some banana bread.

Make Banana Bread Recipe

if you didn’t get that from my little play-acting banana bread is best made with bananas that look like this or even better like this so like really really ripe the riper they are they look brown on the outside but the sweeter and the more concentrated they are on the inside and that’s gonna help our bread be sweet and also nice and moist so we just want to mash up enough bananas to get you about a cup probably be two of these big us or like maybe three bananas this size

so I’m going to start with this and see what happens and if you ever have like a bunch of bananas that are getting too ripe for you can also peel them cut them into chunks and freeze them and then whenever you’re ready whenever you have time you can thaw him out and mash them up and make banana bread my mom used to do that all the time and she would toast it and spread it with peanut butter and it was really delicious.

Banana Bread Recipe

okay good so we have about a cup of mashed banana there if you have a little bit more that’s okay don’t don’t sweat it doesn’t have to be super exact go ahead and cream together some softened butter and some brown sugar and I like using brown sugar for Banda bread because it gives it a nice like warm kind of caramel favor and also brown sugar holds more moisture so your baked goods end up they stay fresh longer and they’re nice and tender good now a couple of eggs and try to have your eggs and your butter both at room temperature if you can if you think about it ahead of time get the eggs out like an hour before you bake and that will help everything come together better and it helps it bake a little bit lighter and fluffier.

okay we can add some vanilla extract your mashed up banana and now add some buttermilk so I like to use real buttermilk cultured buttermilk it’s nice thick it’s got a kind of tart flavor if you don’t want to buy a whole thing of buttermilk to do this you’ve got a couple options you could use some plain yogurt instead and or you can use regular milk sweet milk they call it just whatever kind of milk you have and add like a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice to it and let it let it sit in the measuring cup for five minutes or something and you’ll see it kind of thickens up the milk and curdles it a little bit and it looks kind of nasty that that’s what you need to do because we need the acid from the buttermilk or yogurt or whatever to react with the leavening agents and make it rise and then we’ll just fold in the dry ingredients and this is just flour salt and baking soda

Almost combined we’re gonna add some pecans and these are just coarsely chopped I’m gonna save a few back to decorate the top with and get this all mixed up and some people add cinnamon to their banana bread I kind of think that that competes with the flavor too much it’s not my preference but if you really like cinnamon you can add you know a teaspoon or so when you add the flour almost done so we’ll just put it into a greased loaf pan here smells awesome and banana II and then just put the rest of the pecans on the top it’s gonna be so cute okay I want to put this in a 350 degree oven for about 1 hour until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean and the top will probably crack it’s totally fine when it’s done.

you just want to let it cool for about 5 minutes before you flip it out onto a rack and let it cool completely before slicing and here we have our completed and cool banana bread so you can see my little crevice in the top but that is very common it’s not like 100% guaranteed that it not will happen with breads like this that have a high moisture content like pumpkin bread will do the same thing so whatever its part of its character all right let’s cut it open and show you what it looks like pretty lovely and I love how the pecans look on top it’s just it’s a really decorative kind of thing and be a great gift to take your neighbors or something if you like this recipe also check out I did a jalapeno beer bread a couple months ago that is just as easy

I don’t think ma’am yeah I just I remember my mom making banana bread a lot when I was a kid so it’s got a lot of fond memories attached to it so I hope you try this recipe I think you’re really gonna love

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