we are making a Black Forest Trifle This is a dessert that has all of the elegance
and alcohol of a Black Forest Cake but it’s a lot quicker to throw together.
Especially if you happen to think ahead and freeze a chocolate pound cake about a month ago which I did.
We’re gonna start out by whipping some cream Some heavy cream in a bowl And whenever you’re whipping cream you wanna have the cream very cold. And if you have room in your freezer, I don’t, you wanna chill your bowl and your beater, too.

Make Black Forest Trifle Recipe

Anyway, we’ll start out on a low speed until it starts to thicken up And then you can increase the speed That’s just so you don’t end up, like spraying cream all over the place.
So, we’ll do that.
So, it’s thickening up I’m gonna sprinkle in some powdered sugar And a little vanilla extract And then beat it some more on high until it’s nice, stiff peaks Voluminous peaks All right, I think we’re there Definitely wanna stop before you end up with sweet, vanilla-flavored butter Although that would be really yummy to make cookies with.
But, so this is what it’s see, it’s like a Dairy Queen Blizzard You could just dump it upside down and it’ll just stay in the bowl.
Trifle Recipe

I’m scared, okay Anyway, this is what stiff peaks look like All right, before we get started on the layering, actually I need talk about the thing that makes this a Black Forest thing.

So, I’ve got cherries here that have been soaking overnight in Kirsch And Kirsch is a cherry brandy

There’s really, only one real brand, I think I mean, you can buy, like, cherry liqueurs which are a lot sweeter This is not sweet This is just booze made out of cherries.

So, it smells like cherries, but it tastes like liquor If you are making this for kids, don’t give this to kids.

There’s a lot of booze in it, actually You could just use some cherry juice instead of this That’s why I say it’s a very elegant grown-up kind of dessert Cause it’s the kind that gets ya a little bit buzzed.

So, I just used some pitted, frozen cherries because they’re not in season right now And also, who wants to pit all those stupid cherries?

So, I’m gonna try to do this without making a fool and a idiot of myself I’m gonna drain off the liqueur and the cherry juice It’s all mixed together.

Okay, good, good, it worked Not too much of a fool of myself was made And then I’ve got my trifle bowl Usually, like, a trifle dish is a lot deeper than this.

I’m gonna probably end up making two of this size But, any, like, straight-sided dish will work Just ’cause you wanna see some of the layers in there and it’s a little bit pretty.

So, I’m gonna cover the bottom of this with cubes of my Chocolate Pound Cake I made this recipe, I don’t know a few weeks back. So, you can get that, you can make your own you can buy one You can buy a chocolate sponge cake at some bakery It’s just, like, a plain cake.

If it’s a little bit stale, all the better Because then that’s more room for it to soak up booze And then, we’re gonna drizzle a little bit of this boozy cherry juice.

Put a few cherries down, of course And then, a nice, thick layer of whipped cream And try to, kinda seal everything around the edges.

And then we’ll just repeat more chocolate, liqueur, cherries, whipped cream until your dish is full and you end it with whipped cream and then I’ll show you how to decorate it with chocolate shavings.

Okay, once you’ve got your whole top covered there with some whipped cream I’ve got a dark chocolate bar Armed with nothing but a regular vegetable peeler I’m gonna try to make some pretty-looking chocolate shavings.

And, I think that the little chocolate shavings are partly why it’s called Black Forest Cake?

I mean, I guess, like, the Black Forest in Germany is known for having cherry trees in it But, to me, this always has looked like, like the bark of a tree

So, I like to think that that’s where it comes from And, you could make this ahead of time It actually, trifles are great that way You can make them, like, a day in advance and they just get better

But I would say, if you’re gonna do that decorate it right before you serve it Okay, I think that looks pretty good So, then, obviously, if this was cherry season you would want to decorate the top with some fresh cherries

But, since it is not I bought some ridiculously expensive of these Luxardo Maraschino Cherries They are more like a candied cherry than a the regular, like, bright red maraschino cherries.

They don’t have any food coloring in them but they do have a much nicer cherry flavor A real cherry flavor and just, plop a couple of these around.

So, if you like this recipe you might also like my Classic Raspberry Trifle recipe. I’ll link to that Did that last year for Christmas I love trifles for Christmas cause it reminds me of my grandma Cause that’s, like, she didn’t really cook very much but she loved to eat

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