I’m gonna share Make Bolognese Sauce with you me bolognaise or spaghetti meat sauce recipe this is the way I make it after you have an Italian grandma that would tell me that I’m doing it totally wrong then you should stop watching this you should call your grandma you should get her recipe you don’t have an Italian grandma then follow me.

Make Bolognese Sauce

okay so we’re gonna start out get a really big pot we’re gonna put a little bit of olive oil in it and then I’ve got some bacon here that I minced up if you don’t eat pork and you don’t want to use bacon you can just use an extra tablespoon of olive oil or you can use prosciutto.

if you want to make it a little more authentic so we’re gonna cook this up bacon and olive oil together until most of the fat is kind of rendered out that’ll take a few minutes over medium heat and it’s okay if it gets a little too get the little brown bits on there that’s just extra flavor and then we’re gonna add our aromatics which is the onions the carrots and celery and stir that around until those vegetables get a little bit softened and that’ll take a few more minutes and then we’ll add about a pound of ground beef

And mix that around with all the vegetables get it really really nice and finely broken up and cook it until it’s no longer pink and then we’re gonna add about a cup of wine and let that reduce if you don’t drink wine or you don’t want to add alcohol you can use some chicken stock or some new stock that is fine and you don’t need to use like a really expensive wine but you definitely want to use something that you wouldn’t mind having a glass of yourself because as it cooks those Labors are going to right so you don’t want crappy wine obviously else and you just have a concentrated crap flavor in your sauce that sounds terrible

Make Bolognese Sauce

once the way introduced we’re gonna add our spices salt pepper red chili flakes if you want a little bit a kick and then we’re gonna add our tomato puree and get that next step and we’re just gonna pull it on it and let it simmer for about an hour and anything about 45 minutes would be a good time to start cooking some pasta I’m gonna use some tagliatelle

I don’t know you should ask your grandma how to pronounce that hey my nudes are done we’re gonna top it with some sows because that’s why we made this stuff in so long so I made this for myself so it’s a lot of Bolognese recipes or some of them may be traditionally all of them did have cream added to them but I prefer to save my Diary for some grated cheese on top but you could add some heavy cream at the end if you want oh that’s a dope

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