I’m gonna show you a chewy granola bar recipe that uses maple syrup and some different nut butters to create a delicious treat that is great for packing’ in the lunchbox or packing’ in your butt.

Okay, first we’re gonna talk a little bit about ingredients. I’ve got some rolled oats here. These are regular, old-fashioned rolled oats, not quick oats or anything like that.

And then I’ve got some finely shredded coconut You can see it’s like really tiny little shreds, and it’s unsweetened and we’re gonna go back here to the stove We’re gonna add a little bit of toasty-ness

by pouring our oats into a skillet over medium heat.

Just a Dry Skillet

We’re gonna shimmy around for a little bit get a little bit of color on those oats until they start to smell kinda nutty and toasty and yummy Dump those into a large bowl and then we’re gonna do the same thing with the coconut. The coconut only takes 20, 30 seconds.

It goes really really fast Just be sure not to burn it Then, dump that into the bowl with the oatmeal.

How to Make Chewy Granola Bars

Now, in the same skillet, we’re gonna make sort of our glue. It’s gonna hold these granola bars together so I’m gonna add some maple syrup I’m using some peanut butter and some tahini which is a sesame paste because I love the flavor that that gives the bars, but you can use any nut butter of your choice We’re gonna add a little bit of coconut oil and just cook this together until it starts to simmer and the coconut oil is melted.

Then you can add a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of salt if you like. And, then there’s our glue, so now we can put these granola bars together. Once everything’s toasted and everything else is melted, we’re gonna add the rest of our dry ingredients to this bowl. I’m gonna use some crunchy flax cereal, but Rice Krispies also works if you can’t find this.

I think any kind of puffed cereal would work, and then I’m gonna add a couple tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds.

And the flavor of the sesame with the peanut butter together reminds me a lot of those Nature Valley granola bars which I love, so this is like those, kind of So, that’s in there, I’m gonna grab my glue.

Pour this over it, and I’m not adding any actual nuts or anything because it makes them kinda hard to slice, but I did use crunchy peanut butter which I recommend cause a little bit of crunch in there is really nice.

Just mix it up, and I also don’t put fruits in here I think you could add some dried fruit if you like. You’d have to reduce the amount of something else, so you’d use like less cereal or less coconut to make it work out, but try i.e. kinda feel like granola bars are really great to experiment with because even if it doesn’t all stick together and turn into a bar, you can still crumble it up, and you have granola. So, it’s not like, you know…

It’s definitely not a lose-lose. It’s more like a win-win.

Okay, once everything is coated and shiny and there’s no dry pieces, I’m gonna press it into a pan.

I’ve got a square dish here that I’ve lined with some parchment paper. You can use foil if that’s what you have. Okay, and now the trick to getting them really to stick together is you want to use some kind of rubber spatula.

You can use your hands if you want to lube.

up your hands a little bit. And you just press it in really really firmly, and try to get it as even and flat as you can.

Okay, once it’s all mashed in, we’re gonna put it in a 325-degree oven for about 20 minutes until it’s a little bit brown around the edges and the center feels kind of firm when you press on it. Then, we’ll pull it out, let it cool for about five minutes, then use your parchment paper or foil little handles to sort of pull it out and let it cool for another.

10 minutes or so before you try to cut it. Alright, about 15 minutes later, these are still slightly warm, but we can go ahead and cut them into bars. I usually do eight bars, like one down the middle

and then four across. But if your kid is a really young kid you might want to do twelve bars,

and they’d be little squares like this.

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