cooking we’re gonna do a super simple and elegant chocolate tart with a gingersnap crust I’m gonna add a little white chocolate spider web design thing in the middle because it’s almost.

Halloween and it’s gonna look so cute and your guests are gonna be like oh my god I can’t believe that you made this and you’re gonna be like hey I’m not that bad of a cook come on okay I’m gonna use a spring form pan for this a spring form pan is one like this that you might use for a cheesecake it’s got a removable bottom and then it goes together slide this in there’s like a little notch around the edge that it slips into and then to tighten it you.

just close it like that and then when you open it you just pop it open your tart falls right out onto the floor just

kidding knobby horrible and I’ve got some gingersnap crumbs here you could do it by hand and I like a zip lock bag and just beat the hell out of it but I used a food processor because the finer your crumbs these are almost well it’s like cornmeal I guess or polenta the finer your crumbs are the easier it’s gonna be to cut the crust later and I’ve got a little bit of sugar and flour that I’m adding in there I’m good style next up and then I’m just

adding some melted butter get that stirred around if you wanted to use the plain like graham cracker crust that you could I mean you can buy those already made at the store you can totally do that but the gingersnaps because there’s so many spices and I’m and stuff then we’re gonna flavor our filling with coffee and cardamom so it really complements that nicely okay so you want something.


it’s gonna kind of stick together so kind of I’m gonna add a little bit of water see how like when I squeeze a bit between my fingers it’s not really sticking together so I’m gonna add maybe like a tablespoon of water yeah that’s better so see it’s like it actually sticks anyway I already told you that.

okay I’m gonna dump it in here to me spring form you don’t need to grease the pan or anything okay then you can kind of use the glass to go and like push it up you can see I’m doing that to get it up on the sides and that’s a little bit easier than trying to use your hands it gets a little bit more even like twisting the glass like that rather than pressing and lifting up because when you lift up it might actually pull the crust away from the pan so okay that looks pretty pretty even you know just about half an inch up

All right I’m gonna put this in oven at 350 for about twelve minutes and meanwhile we’ll start working on our

chocolate filling okay so I’ve got some heavy cream in here you want to make sure you use heavy whipping cream and this is a cardamom pod they actually are much brighter green when you buy them but these have been in my pantry for like a thousand years so they’re kind of faded but they still taste great that’s the beauty of buying whole spices anyway what you do with these is you crack open this little shell here and then these

black sometimes they’re sort of paler like these but um if you’ve never had cardamom it kind of reminds me of like a combination of black pepper and ginger.

  • chai tea

then that this is one of the main flavoring ingredients in that and so maybe that would help your kind of imagine it a little bit and I’ve got about a half a teaspoon of these seeds here so I’m just gonna crush them lightly with my little pestle and you can also buy ground cardamom already ground which you could you could use that too if that’s easier for you or you could use some black pepper or something instead if you don’t want to mess around or you could get a vanilla bean and scrape out the seeds and put that in here.

if you are worried that you’re gonna buy cardamom and then never use it again cool smells like an Indian tea shop in here alright so we’re gonna drop that in and then I’m gonna add a little bit of ground coffee and I just use I buy a French Roast whatever instant coffee would probably even work a little bit of that and we’re gonna heat this up on medium heat we’re gonna stir it with a whisk just until it starts to steam and you might see um some little bubbles start to come up around the edges shouldn’t take more than about five minutes all right so our cream is steaming we got a steaming pot of cream I’m using a dark bittersweet

sixty percent cacao so this is not a terribly sweet dessert which I really appreciate that about it that’s all and I just whacked the wrapped bars on the counter top a few times to break them up so you don’t have to get out of

cutting board and do all that crap you can just smash it so there’s four ounces so I’m just gonna whisk this and I’ve turned my heat off just gonna whisk this until the chocolate is fully melted and we have like a super-rich beautiful hot.

chocolate looking thing going on here beautiful so it’s nice and rich chocolatey like that chocolate River at Willy Wonka’s factory and we’re gonna drop in a couple tablespoons of butter never said this was a low-fat dessert butter and stir that around until it is melted also okay beautiful so set that over here I’ve got my baked crust here and this is still warm its fine I just pulled that out of the oven a couple minutes ago and we’re just gonna pour our hot chocolate ii mixture into our crust okay so you could totally just put it in the fridge like this and just have a plain old chocolate tart but I’ve got some melted white chocolate I’ll show you how to do with a little.

spider web swirl okay so for our white chocolate I just got an ounce of white chocolate here plus a tablespoon of the heavy cream that we had left over and microwaved it for about 30 seconds and then just stir it around until you get a smooth mixture and it turns kind of an awkward shade of yellow but it turns white once it cools

off magic okay so then and this totally does not have to be perfect we’re just gonna pour so it helps if you have

something with kind of a little spout or something like this we’re just going to pour a little spiral out and I don’t

know I like to start at the middle but it probably doesn’t really matter beautiful actually it’s horrible but it’s gonna look great so then just draw like spokes coming out from the center and then these can also serve you know as cutting lines later on if you want so you could make more than eight and that’s it it’s got a cute little spider.

web design there and I’m just gonna put this in the fridge and probably take about three hours to solidify and I’ll show you what it looks like then okay it’s all cooled off and ready to cut and the great thing about this desert too is you can keep it in the fridge for four or five days and with you know no one would ever know that you didn’t make it yesterday so you know holiday planning stuff you can do this ahead of time I’d like to just pick it up and eat it like pizza so there’s a beautiful elegant chocolate tart that’s super super simple

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