cooking we’re going back to life back to the basics and I’m going to show you a new technique for easy to peel hard-boiled eggs I’ve done it the same way my whole life but I just recently found this new way and it’s revolutionary and I’m really happy to share it with you because every time I’ve done it it’s worked perfectly and

it’s really simple and hard-boiled eggs so the thing that makes this method for hard boiling eggs different is it’s

called a hot start method so I’ve got some water here coming to a hard boil I’ve got my eggs it’s about an inch and a half to two inches of water you want enough to cover the eggs obviously so we’re going to lower the eggs into the boiling water a little slotted spoon.

Boiled Eggs

let them let the water boil for 30 seconds and then turn it down to like the lowest simmer that you can get it if you want to check the temperature the temperature of the water should be like around 190 or so like something like that and set the timer for 11 minutes for hard-boiled

then when the timer goes off you can use your slotted spoon to lift them out and we’re going to put them directly into an ice bath this is just a bowl of water with some ice in it and let them chill for 15 minutes and that shocking them in that cold water it’s going to make them easier to peel and also help prevent a little bubble from forming at the unit.

At the fat end once they’re totally cool you can either put them in the fridge like this and just keep them forever or you can peel them right away okay our eggs are completely cooled now and ready to peel so like I said you could put them in the fridge like this and keep them for snacks or a quick.

Breakfast or something during the week

or peel a meal so just gently all around and then I like to start at the fat end and if you can get under the membrane a little bit that’s going to make it a lot easier to well yeah that starting me in boiling water is the trick and I’ve tried the baking soda and vinegar and all that and this is not the only one that’s consistently reliable for easy peeling there we go and some people will tell you to rinse them under running like to peel them under running

water but I kind of feel like that’s a waste of water so I just rinse it off to get any little shell bits in there and then there we go perfectly peeled egg and don’t throw away this water once that water is cooled off you can or you can just combine them you can use that water to boil more eggs you can put it.

your dog’s water bowl you can put on a potted plant but it’s pretty much perfectly good water so let’s cut one of these open and see what it looks like yeah perfectly cooked so they’re called boiled eggs but that’s kind of a misnomer because you don’t ever actually want to like boil the eggs for an accident period of time because you’re going to end up with hard and kind of rubbery whites and then you’ll also end up with that green ring sometimes around the yolk so the quick boil to set it and then the longer simmer to commit click it through and there we have a perfect hard-boiled egg that was super easy to peel.

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