we’re making gazpacho which is a Spanish cold soup It’s kind of like a salad that you can drink and if that doesn’t sound very exciting then think of it instead as homemade V-8 that you can mix vodka with.

So I got this recipe from a friend of mine in Spain and its gazpacho andaluz is what he called it Andalusian gazpacho and we also did a paella video a couple years ago so I’ll put a link to that But basically we’re just going to get some fresh tomatoes you want to use the ripest tomatoes you can find If you have somebody growing homegrown tomatoes or if you have a farmer’s market then lucky you.

Make Gazpacho Recipe

Get those tomatoes and some cucumber and this recipe is a little interesting to me because most gazpacho recipes include bread and this one does not I asked him out right, I said are you sure you didn’t forget the bread Carlos I have two friends named Carlos and he said no but that there is another Andalucian soup that I don’t know the name of that is just tomatoes and bread.

So I don’t know actually I had some gazpacho in Barcelona years and years ago and I don’t know if it had bread in it or not but anyway I really love this it’s so nice to keep a big pitcher of this in the fridge and when it’s really hot outside and you’re super dehydrated, just drink a little glass and it’s almost like I don’t know, I mean I don’t want to say it’s like Gatorade because it’s way more delicious.

But it’s really thirsty quenching and full of vitamins and it tastes good OK good and some bell pepper I’ve made this with the red and green bell pepper so your choice The original recipe specified green One clove of garlic, bloop and then for the flavors we’re going to put in some red wine vinegar.

Gazpacho Recipe

Son of a So we’re going to put in a couple tablespoons of this think, oh God Stymied at every turn I think that sherry vinegar would be good too but red wine was specified and a pinch of cumin, he says.

And some salt A good amount of salt, I mean a teaspoon but hey if you have been on outside all day and you’ve been sweating you need that salt and then some cold water, I don’t know if this is traditional, I go ahead and put some ice in the water just so that the guest spot show is nice and cold from the get go We’re going to blend this up until it’s smooth and then I’m going to slowly pour in three tablespoons of olive oil while the machine is running.

So that it emulsifies the mixture and makes it have a nice almost creamy mouth feel Alright once it’s blended up, we are going to do one final step to make the texture really really smooth and just run it through a little sieve If you don’t want to do this you can skip it but this is the way you’re supposed to do it.

And just get a little spatula and kind of press it through OK so when you’re done it’ll look like this

you’ll have a little bit of pulp left If you don’t want to throw this out, I think it would be really good added to a meatloaf or as a sort of sofrito for the base of a stew or something and then if you want to serve your gazpacho as a cold soup you do want to dice up some cucumbers, some onions some red bell pepper maybe and serve that as a garnish on top with some croutons.

But like I said, I really just like to drink it as a refreshing cold drink So just super cold, it might separate as you store it in the fridge for a few days but it’s fine just give it a little stir.

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