cooking we are making Altima nachos these have a cream sauce on top with avocado and Serrano we’re gonna put some beef and two kinds of beans on their they’re basically the best nachos later ever gonna eat so we’ll start with making our cream sauce I’m gonna put some lime juice you can do this in a blender or food processor I’m using this little mini chopper thingy and add some sour cream and if you want to use Mexican crema you can do that too but I like the thickness that the sour cream offers and plain like Greek style yogurt.

will also work fine add a little bit of garlic like maybe half of a clove kind of coarsely chopped Serrano I could use a jalapeno if you want it less spicy and you could also take the seeds out but I don’t bother because I like a spicy and then half of a luscious avocado and some salt of course that looks good I’m gonna just set that aside and we’ll start making the beef and black bean mixture that we’re gonna put on our nachos just start out over some edge of oil onion and garlic salt and then I’m gonna add my spices to the pan now so they can get a little bit toasted up so I’m gonna put some cumin seed you can use ground cumin and some chili powder.

Make Nachos Supreme with Avocado Cream

just like to use New Mexico chili powder so that’s all that’s in here just ground up chilies but a lot of chili powders also have garlic and cumin already added and you can use that too it doesn’t matter add some ground beef you want to make this vegetarian you can just leave out the beef and do all the same seasonings

Nachos Supreme

get that broken on and I’m gonna add a little bit of water this is a trick that’s going to make the

beef break up into smaller pieces because when you’re doing something like nachos you don’t really want big chunks that might fall off the nacho you really want this to be a pretty fine topping.

I’m gonna add don’t laugh and add some ketchup and people may poopoo adding ketchup to anything that’s not French fries but it’s basically tomato paste with like vinegar and sugar added so extra flavor II tomato paste as far as I’m concerned and then some black beans and these are ones that I cooked myself

I have a recipe for how to cook beans from scratch on my website Hila cooking you use canned beans but either way you just want to make sure that you drain off all of the liquid so this looks done once the beef is no longer pink then you can call it quits for the second being of us to the nachos I’m using some refried beans I’m gonna take my time here and spread each chip with a little bit of beans and it does take more time than it would if you just like slapped everything together and a big pile like they do at TGI Fridays but we can do better than TGI Fridays all so once you got one layer down just want to put some of your meat just try to get it even and if you want to do this on a big baking sheet and just do one layer that’s totally fine.

5 minutes really doesn’t take very long beautiful I’ve got some green onion and tomato I’m throw on top because every meal needs fruits and vegetables I’m totally kidding guys don’t even need to do this because the jalapenos are actually vegetables too sauce in a little bag when I cut the corner off and attempt to be fancy so hopefully it is on the backfire oh my god I can be fancy you guys this recipe and all my recipes

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