Make Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies I’m going to show you my D luxe chocolate-chip cookie recipe now the reason I call this deluxe is because it has nuts and coconut and oatmeal in it so it’s kind of healthy we’re going to start out like any other cookie with some softened butter I’ve got a half a cup here aka one stick if you’re in America so I’m going to add some brown sugar and get this kind of mashed up together and I’m you could totally do this with a hand mixer or stand mixer

but I know that not everyone in the world has those things so I’m going to just prove to you that it can also be done by hand just like our forefathers did it when they were making cookies on the Mayflower don’t get me wrong it’s a real pain in the nuts to do it by hand but by golly I’ll do it for you okay see you back in about three hours

Make Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

okay I really only took about five minutes but anyway you get the idea so it’s all soft it’s creamed together and I’m going to add one egg what in the hell is going on with this egg that was a mess but hey no shells no problem that should be a reggae song if I made a reggae band okay so once that’s fairly smooth like so we can add in our dry ingredients so I’ve got some all-purpose flour I’ve also done this very successfully using whole wheat pastry flour if you want to add a little bit more vitamins minerals and some rolled oats and I’m using the old-fashioned kind you could use quick oats

I wouldn’t recommend using instant oats because they kind of just you don’t really get any kind of texture out of them at all and definitely don’t use steel-cut oats because then you’ll have royal crunchy cookies there’s a little bit salt and some baking soda not baking powder we’re using baking soda because we used all brown sugar so the brown sugar is a little bit acidic and that will react with the baking soda and make them rise baking powder it would be too much acid so once it’s looking like this

where you’ve still got some flower showing but it’s mostly combined into a dough we can fold in our yummiest our yummiest I’ve got some shredded unsweetened coconut here you can use sweetened coconut I’ve got some semi-sweet chocolate chips and a combination of minced almonds walnuts and pecans you use anything you want and if you don’t like those things you could just add more chocolate chips in place of coconut or nuts.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

so there we go cookie dough is done man so we can just put it on our sheet so I’ve got a baking sheet here that I’ve lined with some parchment if you don’t have parchment paper you can just use a little bit of spray oil but I started using parchment and now it’s like my favorite thing in the world so we’re going to do it should get about 24 cookies out of this

so I’m going to do like a large tablespoon size roll it in a ball gently and this is a great cookie dough for making ahead in freezing you could just form all the cookies on a sheet like this put it in the freezer until they’re solid and then

store them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for several months and then when you’re ready to cook them just pull out the frozen balls put them on a baking sheet and bake them as usual but add an extra three minutes or so and then you can have fresh baked cookies any time don’t blame me if you get diabetes

if you messed up because you’re not good at fractions you can space them out a little bit better like that so I’m gonna put these in the oven at 350 for about 10 to 12 minutes until they’re spread out kind of puffed up a little bit golden and then we’re gonna need a cookie party come on a Chuck cookie time to eat some cookies guys these have been cooling for about 10 minutes on rack and now

I’m going to eat it so if you like this recipe also be sure to check out the blueberry cake that I did recently and another great semi healthy dessert it has fruit in it Harry and this painful recipe and all the recipes are always available at cooking comp for your Ease cooking that is so delicious so delicious even the dog want some too bad that chocolate chip cookies are poison for dogs but they’re good for babies

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