we’re making Pina Colada Pancakes They’ll make you want to do a cool dance and it’s great for the holidays because last week we did the Black Forest Trifle which has alcohol in it but if it’s not enough for you to have alcohol in your dessert now you get to have alcohol in your breakfast too.

For the liquids, we’ve got one egg Blooper and one cup of full fat coconut milk.

I have never made this with low fat coconut milk so I have no idea if it would work or not I imagine it would but there’s really no telling, Magellan

Make Piña Colada Pancakes

We’ll get that whisked together a little bit Add some vanilla extract I guess you could add some rum extract too

I never keep that on hand It’s one of those really old fashioned extracts, I think but I’m going to do a rum maple syrup to go on top of these so that’s where the booze will come in

Thank God, right?

I know you all we’re worried like

where’s the booze?

Okay, I’m going to add some brown sugar You can add less if you want these a little bit less sweet but I feel like it’s the holidays and what’s the point of even trying to be healthy?

Hence the rum in your breakfast pancake syrup

Okay, looks good.

Piña Colada Pancakes

And then I’ve got some dry ingredients as just all purpose flour with some baking soda and some salt. Just mix it up a tiny bit and bloopy So annoying Sorry Okay.

Then once that’s just about combined we can add some fresh diced pineapple You could probably use some canned crushed pineapple.

You all know I try to stay away from canned stuff but I don’t see any reason why the canned wouldn’t work And I’m going to add some unsweetened coconut flakes

So now we’ll just cook these like you cook a regular pancake I’ve done a pancake video before so we’ll melt some I’m going to use coconut oil but you could use any kind of oil really on a griddle over a medium heat and then portion out your batter by about a quarter cup measure and it should spread out like this and let it cook for a couple of minutes until you see these bubbles that kind of pop up and stay like little craters on the moon and the edges will start to look a little bit brown and then you can flip them and cook the other side for a couple more minutes.

And then for the rum maple syrup so simple All I’m going to do is put some maple syrup in a small pot warm it up over low heat and then right before we serve it whisk in a couple tablespoons of rum So obviously you don’t want to give this to kids because there’s still booze in it but kids can just have plain maple syrup.

And then we’ll also top these with some whipped cream because it’s the holidays, you know Pancakes are done so serve your pancakes hot with a little bit of our rummy maple syrup

This adds so much deliciousness Beautiful and a little bit of whipped cream Normally, I would buy some cream and actually whip it but it’s the holidays and don’t you want your whipped cream to like little snowcapped mountains and shit?

I don’t know Maybe it’s just me Look how flipping beautiful Oh my God, I’m making a disastrous mess out of this but they’re so light and fluffy.

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