cooking this is the story of the love affair between a taco and a pizza such a lovely pair you take a pizza and replace all the sauce and cheese with some lettuce and some salsa and some meat and beans so we’re making taco pizza thank you very much and it’s basically a thin corn bread kind of crust with taco toppings on top of it so we’ll start with the crust when I put a little cornmeal aka polenta if you don’t live.

Make Taco Pizza

in the good old US of an if you can find fine polenta then use that there we go a little bit of that just regular flour baking powder and salt you just get that mixed together and then we’re gonna add some milk and some melted butter just to make a quick a little better and this is egg free I designed it that way on purpose because my son has an egg allergy that I’m hoping you’ll outgrow but for now we have to avoid it melted butter okay so once that’s all smooth

Behind me I’ve got a cast-iron skillet with a couple tablespoons of oil in it that I’ve been heating up so it’s nice

and hot this is a little trick I do with my corn bread to make the crust really nice and crispy so we’re gonna pour this in a little sizzle means it worked you just spread it out a little bit there we go and then we’re gonna bake this at 400 degrees.

Fahrenheit for about 15-20 minutes in that time you can go ahead and get all your taco pizza toppings ready

Taco Pizza

once it’s cooked I’m gonna top this with some of my taco filling this is you know my standard taco filling are speed you can get this recipe on the crispy taco video that I made a while back and you can also get the crispy taco song if you check that video out but you could use refried beans you could use black beans

oh I’ve also got vegetarian tempeh taco filling recipe.

if you want to do that then top it with some cheese and then put it back in the oven for just five minutes until the cheese melts and it kind of goes down and holds all the other fillings on top once you get it out of the oven you want to let it sit for about five minutes to let it cool off it’ll make it easier to slice without crumbling and then we can top it with some some pretty things so I’m gonna go some tomato shredded lettuce and for this particular recipe I’m all about iceberg lettuce I know it has like zero nutritional value but some green

onion and some black olives all right so this recipe and all my recipes are available at you can print them out or email them to your friends let’s cut a slice and see.

what’s up with this taco pizza put a little hot sauce on it my lettuce fell off it’s okay it really is for show anyway I am fully aware that this is a little bit of a ridiculous meal but it’s fast it’s easy you probably have everything for the crust in your pantry and you can put whatever you want on that leftovers for make taco filling like I did whatever

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